Welcome to Clifton Elementary School

Our mission at Clifton Elementary is to create a learning environment built upon persistence, positivity, teamwork, and the value of a growth mindset for a better community.

Principal:                                              Assistant Principal:

Amy Shepherd                                     Stephanie Williams                                



                               Main Phone: 970-254-4760

                               Fax Phone: 970-434-9725 

                                     Office Hours:

                                     8:30 am - 4:30 pm Monday - Friday 

                                     School Hours:

                                     8:55 am - 4:00 pm Monday - Thursday

                                     8:55 am - 2:00 pm Friday


 Thank you to our community sponsors who helped make our library renovation a reality!

It is with deep gratitude that Clifton Elementary School thanks you for your generous donation to our 21st century media center. An engaging vibrant learning space is the heart of an elementary school. It is the place where students can allow their curiosity and imagination to soar. Your contributions of time and money have ensured that students at Clifton Elementary have such a place to learn and grow. We could not have accomplished this without your support and your generous contributions. 


The learning community at Clifton Elementary School